Our HP Indigo ElectroInk presses offer the quality of traditional offset printing with the convenience of short-run digital printing. Unlike other digital techniques, the HP Indigo presses use liquid ink, ElectroInk, and not powder toner, which allows for the highest quality colours.

HP Indigo 100K Digital Printing Press

The newest addition to our pressroom, the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press is the world’s most productive B2 digital printing solution, complementing our existing line-up of Heidelberg XL UV offset and HP Indigo Series 3 digital presses.

Printing up to 3,000 colour sheets per hour on sheet sizes up to 20 ½” x 29 ½”, the Indigo 100K is a digital offset press engineered for quality and consistency and is perfectly suited to the diverse range of products that Hemlock provides customers across North America. 

Read more about our latest investment in digital printing technology: Hemlock Installs New 100K Digital Press

Creative Digital Print Options

Our digital presses print up to seven colours, including white, PANTONE, and Invisible Red (which is only visible under UV light, perfect for security verification) inks on a wide range of substrates, including synthetic and coloured sheets and other specialty stocks.  

The Variable Factor

Consider making each piece unique by adding customized images and copy for greater impact and effectiveness. Variable digital print is perfect for: 

  • Direct mail
  • Event collateral
  • Non-profit donor communication
  • Employee onboarding
  • Personalized letters and mail