Hemlock has the essential ingredients—technology, team, and production resources—to provide robust, cost-effective, and scalable solutions to better manage your print needs. Our range of online print options includes: 

Print Storefronts

Our Print Storefronts can be rapidly deployed with dedicated support from our Online Print Solutions team. It is scalable and can easily incorporate standardized print-on-demand products as well as pick and pack warehoused materials. Its core functions are: 

  • A secure, customized online Print Storefront
  • Dedicated Customer Care representatives
  • An online catalogue of print and non-print materials including detailed descriptions, reference numbers, and image previews
  • Ability to order variable and static products
  • Easy access to order history for re-ordering
  • Live order status updates


Another piece of our Online Print Solutions is the Dashboard which gives you total transparency at our production facilities and the data to make empowered print decisions.

  • Review production details and statuses of products at any of our facilities
  • Easily accessible shipment tracking information
  • Check inventory details such as on-hand quantities, low stock indicators, product usage, and months of inventory remaining based on previous usage.

Customized Integrated Solutions

If your organization requires a completely customized solution, our dedicated Online Solutions team can create a scalable and personalized solution that saves time and reduces costs. Our team of front and back-end developers and automation specialists will tailor a program specific to your needs, for the best Online Solution for you and your business.