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Striving For Zero

Zero Carbon Neutral

Hemlock’s commitment to mitigating the impact of CO2 emissions across our paper supply chain has led to Zero, our unique Carbon Neutral Printing Program.

Three Easy Steps to a
Carbon Neutral Print Job

  • Sign up

    Place an order for a carbon neutral print job, 
and we calculate the carbon footprint of the project from forest to mill to transportation 
and recycling.

  • Go Neutral

    Offsets neutralize your carbon footprint by investing in Gold Standard renewable and 
clean technology projects.

  • Communicate

    Hemlock gives you the Zero Carbon Neutral branding tools and a certificate validating your carbon emissions reduction.

    Contact us to get started.

How ZERO Works

  • The lifecycle of paper – from forest to mill to transportation, production and recycling – emits Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions at every stage.

    Hemlock’s unique Zero Carbon Neutral Printing Program, developed in partnership with Offsetters, enables our clients to neutralize the carbon footprint of their projects by investing in renewable energy and clean technology projects, including the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.

  • Since its introduction in 2009, Hemlock clients have printed over 36 million pieces with Zero, offsetting over 12,000 metric tonnes of GHG emissions.

ZERO Carbon Neutral


Hemlock is committed to helping mitigate the impact of CO2 emission in our supply chain. We actively manage our Canadian and International Offset Portfolios to support renewable and clean technology projects that we are passionate about.

Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project

The Great Bear Rainforest is home to the largest intact coastal temperate rainforest remaining in the world. Without offset funds, the protected areas would not have been established and more of the forest would have been harvested.
  • 7,000,000 hectares protected
  • Equivalent to 208,333+ cars off the road annually
  • Returns ownerships to stewards of the land

Quadra Island Forestland Conservation Project

Located off the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, Quadra Island is a popular vacation destination. 418 hectares of forestland, previously designated for logging or property development, are now being conserved due to funding from carbon offsets.
  • 418 hectares protected
  • Equivalent to 19,000+ cars off the road annually
  • Preserves 10 Aboriginal heritage sites

Lee County Waste to Energy Facility, USA

Methane has a global warming potential over 20 times that of carbon dioxide. Carbon offset funds enabled the Lee County Waste to Energy Facility, in Florida, to avoid methane emissions from solid waste through a combustion process which uses the heat generated to produce renewable electricity, in turn, avoiding emissions from coal.
  • 39,000 tCO2e removed from air per year
  • Equivalent to 7,674 cars off the road annually
  • Reduces the risk of landfill fires or explosions and reduced odours associated with traditional landfills.

Lower Zambezi REDD+, Zambia

Funding from carbon offsets allows local communities and forest management professionals to conserve a highly threatened wildlife corridor, which separates Zambia’s national capital and the Lower Zambezi National Park. The proejct also prevents the release of Co2 emissions from deforestation and creates sustainable livelihoods.
  • 38,718 hectares protected
  • Equivalent to 44,277 cars off the road annually
  • Supports population of 23,000 elephants, lions, antelopes and other threatened species