For over 55 years, Hemlock has partnered with brands, galleries, artists, and non-profit organizations to produce exceptional soft cover and casebound books

Stochastic Screening

Hemlock utilizes stochastic screening because it produces sharper images and an expanded gamut compared to traditional line screening. Although stochastic screening requires more attention to colour management, the result is powerful and worthwhile.

Colour Experts

In a class of their own, our Prepress experts can work with you when greyscale, duotone, or quadtone images, PANTONE colours or colour matching are needed. Pair that with our in-house ink room, where custom colours can be mixed on the spot, our technology and team produce the finest books every time.

Outstanding Finishes

Because we love exploring the possibilities of print, we offer you a wide set of options. From tactile treatments like a linen cover and a deep emboss to eye-catching finishes like metallic foils, let us help you take your next book project to new heights.