Integrated Solution 

With a lineup of conventional, UV and digital presses, our versatility in print paired with our distribution capabilities translates to an offering flexible enough to suit the needs of any publication. Whether your publication reaches hundreds or thousands, our team can handle the scope. Our integrated solution includes:

  • Prepress support  
  • Printed and unprinted mock-ups  
  • Array of in-house print and binding options 
  • Distribution services 
  • ECommerce fulfillment solutions 


Printing your publication with a sustainable print provider demonstrates your commitment to reducing your environmental footprint. Named Canada’s Most Environmentally Progressive Printing Company, Hemlock’s range of sustainable initiatives enable you to print with the lowest environmental impact.

  • Choose to print your project carbon neutral with our proprietary ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program
  • Select paper that is Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified, Green-e certified, and/or produced with 100% post-consumer or agricultural waste
  • Print using Algae Ink, a sustainable alternative to conventional printing inks