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FSC Canada Sets the Bar Even Higher


After six years  of rigorous consultations and trials, FSC® has set a new high-standard for forestry practices around the world.

The Forest Stewardship Council® in Canada has taken their forest management standards even further by recently announcing a new national forest management standard. This update consolidates FSC’s four regional standards into one national standard, setting FSC even further ahead of other forest certification bodies. It also addresses the most pressing issues facing Canadian forests:

Woodland Caribou– requirements to support caribou habitat and avoid harvesting in breeding or migration areas.

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights– requirements to design policies that recognize the rights of indigenous peoples to protect their culture, livelihood and lands.

Workers’ Rights– requirements that includes gender equity and training opportunities.

Landscape Management and Conservation – requirements to minimize and avoid landscape disturbance, and a consistent and comprehensive approach for developing protected area networks

Making paper purchases that are FSC certified is an essential step to safeguarding our forest ecosystems. At Hemlock, we have chosen to partner with FSC since 2006 because they are the world’s most respected and most recognized sustainable forest management certification and standard, with over 200 million hectares of forest certified globally, and over 50 million hectares in Canada. When our clients choose to print on FSC certified paper, they can take pride in knowing that it comes from a forest guarded by a council who consults and equally values the perspectives and knowledge of four distinct groups: Environmental, Industry, Social and Indigenous Peoples.

To find out more about the new standard, please visit FSC’s website. https://ca.fsc.org/en-ca/newsroom/id/964