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Print So Good You Can Smell It

Recent Mrs Meyer’s advertisement which used Lavender scented inks.

Recent Mrs Meyer’s advertisement which used Lavender scented inks.

Get your nose ready. Hemlock is pleased to introduce our latest “immersive print” endeavor. Think chocolate, auto leather, fresh laundry, or licorice – just a few of the over 60 scents now available as a “rub and smell” application and another great way to full engage your audience in the print communication they receive from you.

Scents such as citrus, pizza, and not one, but four varieties of chocolate, are standard inventory items available to Hemlock’s customers. And if you happen to be a manufacturer of cosmetics or industrial products and have a custom scent you’d like to use, we can help you get that scent incorporated into the varnish.

For example, Mrs. Meyer’s, a household products company that makes its cleaners from herb and flower essential oils, wanted to have their print advertisement smell identical to their products. They were able to create an identical smell, not once but twice, with ads smelling like their basil dish soap and lavender laundry detergent (which you can smell in our latest edition of Inklings!)

And just a quick technical tip – scents may be applied to either coated or uncoated stocks, but for the latter, we lay down an underprint to pre-seal the scented area – this prevents too much absorption and ensures the scent stays active.

Other stocked scents available include:
• Apple Cider
• Apple (green, Macintosh)
• Apple Pie
• Asphalt
• Auto Leather
• Bacon
• Banana
• Blueberry
• Bubble Gum
• Burnt Rubber
• Cherry
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate (dark, hot)
• Christmas Tree
• Cinnamon Buns
• Citrus with Eucalyptus
• Clean Cotton
• Coconut/Suntan
• Coffee
• Daisy
• Eucalyptus
• Fresh Laundry
• Frosted Cake
• Gingerbread
• Grape
• Grapefruit
• Grass
• Honeycomb
• Hydrangea
• Jasmine
• Lavender
• Lemon Drop
• Lemon Lime
• Magnolia
• Marijuana*
• Mentol
• Mint*
• Ocean Mist
• Orange
• Orchid
• Peach (fresh, Georgia)
• Peanut
• Peanut Butter and Jelly
• Peppermint
• Pineapple Paradise
• Pizza
• Popcorn (buttered)
• Pumpkin Pue
• Rootbeer
• Rose
• Smoke (Fire Place)
• Strawberry
• Tulips*
• Vanilla
• Watermelon

*Limited Quantity

Talk to your friendly Hemlock Sales Representative for additional details, or to get a drawdown of the scent you’d like to use on your next project.