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Striving For Zero

Carbon Neutrality & Zero

Hemlock’s commitment to mitigating the impact of CO2 emissions across our paper supply chain has led us to establish ZERO, our unique Carbon Neutral Printing Program.

  • The lifecycle of paper, from forest to mill to transportation to recycling, emits CO2 emissions at every stage. And while we don’t manufacture paper, it is one of the largest components of our production process, so Hemlock is committed to working diligently to reduce that impact.

    Developed in partnership with Offsetters — a provider of high quality climate change solutions for individuals and organizations — ZERO offset purchases lets you invest in renewable energy and clean technology projects, including the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project in Haida Gwaii.

    Our Portfolio with our Offsetters

  • As part of your Zero experience, we can help you communicate your commitment to carbon mitigation to your staff and customers by using the ZERO brandmark on your printed materials. We give you an annual statement that includes the projects, dates and amount of CO2 you’re directly responsible for offsetting.

    Since its introduction in 2009, hundreds of valued clients have printed over 36 million pieces of material with the ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program, offsetting over 12,000 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions. We welcome you to join this sustainably-conscious community with your own commitment to responsible printing.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

There are three Easy Steps to a carbon neutral print job

01Sign up
Place an order for a carbon neutral print job, and we calculate the carbon footprint of the project from forest to mill to transportation and recycling.
02Go neutral
Offsets neutralize your carbon footprint by investing in Gold Standard renewable and clean technology projects.
Hemlock gives you the ZERO Carbon Neutral branding tools and a certificate validating your carbon emissions reduction.