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2023 Holiday Wrap – With Love From Hemlock

2023 holiday wrap cover

In a way, what makes the holiday season so special is our collective experience of it. Although we all celebrate in different ways and may experience a myriad of emotions associated with it—both good and bad—there’s common acknowledgement of the wellness that comes from being together with loved ones during this time of year. Hemlock’s 2023 Holiday Wrap, With Love From, puts focus on the ways we create togetherness, even if we’re apart. Be it through gifting, writing a simple message, or sharing of home-baked goods, it’s in thinking of others and showing our love that we bring each other closer together. Hemlock’s holiday wrap this year seeks to capture that spirit.

Each set of this year’s holiday wrap includes 6 sheets of double-sided wrapping paper and a sticker sheet of stamps. To make it extra special, all are enclosed in a case that is itself a visual and tactile treat. We hope you reach for this set first when preparing all your thoughtful tokens of care throughout the year.

For the design, we partnered with Red Rocket Creative to create playful patterns that are full of cheer. Illustrations throughout the set feature iconic characters and sights from across Canada and the US, all with a whimsical touch that speaks to the magic of Christmas.

Each sheet in the wrap set was inspired by a different location with a meaningful connection to Hemlock. We hope you’ll take the time to explore each sheet and hope you find them as charming as we do.


Technical Specifications


The wrap case was printed on 130lb Pacesetter Gloss Cover using a four colour process with Pro-Brite inks throughout. A flood gloss varnish and embossing highlight the title and stamp illustrations on the outside of the case, while the background is set back with a spot matte-textured UV coating.

Wrap Sheets

Each wrap sheet was printed on 70lb Lynx Smooth Book White using a four colour process with Pro-Brite inks throughout. The double-sided designs allow users to choose a minimalist or maximalist approach to their gift wrapping.

Sticker Sheet

The sticker sheet was printed on Pacesetter Digital Uncoated Label using a four colour process. It was finished with a festive gingerbread-scented varnish for scratch-and-sniff fun, and the sheet is kiss cut for easy peeling. The stamp motif of these stickers makes them a perfect finishing touch for every gift you give this year.

Thank you to Spicers, Moorim, and Domtar for their valued paper partnership that made the 2023 holiday wrap collection possible!

We hope this set of giftwrap helps you send a little more love this year. Wishing you all the happiest holiday season!

With Love From Hemlock