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A Partnership to Protect our Forests

Forest Mapper

Safeguarding our ancient and endangered forests takes commitment from all aspects of the print industry’s supply chain. Canopy, an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to conserving our ancient and endangered forests, is a driving force behind creating permanent solutions for our world’s climate, species and threatened forests. We look to our 15-year partnership with Canopy with the utmost gratitude, knowing that they are a key contributor to strengthening Hemlock’s sustainable procurement practices.

Drawing insights from longstanding partnerships such as Canopy, Hemlock has made significant strides in caring for the world’s forests:

In 2004, Hemlock was the first printing company in the Pacific Northwest to receive FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification

In 2005, Hemlock developed an Ancient Forest Friendly policy with Canopy

In 2009, Hemlock launched the Zero Carbon Neutral Program, enabling our clients to purchase carbon neutral print jobs

In 2014, Hemlock partnered with Neenah Paper, to create Coronado SST 100, a carbon neutral and 100% PCW paper

In 2015, Hemlock published our paper procurement policy, further articulating our commitment to sustainable purchases

Today, Hemlock is an environmental advocate for the circular economy, alternative fibers in paper products, transparency throughout our supply chain and conservation of forests through science-based research and development.

We are incredibly proud to support Canopy’s ForestMapper map of global ancient and endangered forests. We stand behind the creation of a science-based conservation planning process, and advocate for the establishment of moratoria in priority ecosystems including, but not limited to, rare ecosystem types and endangered species habitat.

We congratulate Canopy on their 20th anniversary and look forward to being a part of more exciting conservation initiatives to come! Through our environmental partnerships, we are confident that we will continue integrating sustainability into our strategic and operational decisions.

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