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Prepress Solutions

Our technical expertise compliments the designer’s craft, freeing you to focus on what you do best. We offer an integrated electronic prepress service, including colour separations via drum scanning or high-resolution scan-back camera, page assembly, digital proofing and image editing services such as retouching, colour conversions and colour corrections in Camera Raw, RGB, Lab and CMYK image modes. Highly trained specialists look after the perfect executions of page processing, typography changes and image editing tasks. Our preflighting experts ensure trouble-free file processing through our PDF-based Kodak Prinergy system. Hemlock Printers’ commitment to the latest electronic prepress technologies offers several key benefits to customers:
  • Top of the line Apple and Windows computers allows for efficient file processing and timely deliveries of on-line soft and hard-copy proofs
  • Inline spectrophotometers in proofing devices, for consistency and accuracy of Inkjet colour proofs
  • SquareSpot technology in automated plate imaging devices, enabling stochastic screening and high-resolution printing
  • Segregated server systems for secure delivery of files and secure access
  • 24-hour backup services to ensure safe storage and archiving of all electronic files.
The fully integrated prepress system is calibrated twice daily to ensure accuracy from file delivery to contract colour proofs to plate-imaging devices or to the digital press. The final result is predictable and accurate colour in the printed products. Other prepress services include:
  • Digital asset management to host image libraries on a customer accessible server
  • Online ordering for business cards and stationery packages
  • Remote soft proofing for on-line viewing of processed pages and to collaborate with multiple stakeholders online
Equipment List

Equipment List

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Hemlock receives G7 Certification

Hemlock receives G7 Certification

Benefit from colour consistency across the range of your materials, digital or offset.