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Hemlock is Redefining UV Expectations

Hemlock’s Heidelberg XL UV six colour press was built from the ground up to give you stunning print results.

Greater Creativity

Our UV press provides the opportunity to expand your creative boundaries, including a wider selection of substrates (from plastics and metalized papers to coated and uncoated stocks up to 40pt) and high-impact treatments like smooth and reticulated strike-throughs, high gloss floods and fascinating textures.  All with brilliant colour reproduction,  no fade back and stunning results.

Greater Speed

At press speeds almost 50% faster than other available equipment, built-in registration and colour-measurement providing for faster make-readies and with the benefits of instant drying inherent to UV printing, Hemlock’s customers now benefit from a noticeable improvement in productivity and turnaround time.

Uncompromised Sustainability

Manufactured carbon neutral in Heidelberg’s factory, the XL106 is the most eco-friendly press in its class.  Requiring 25% less energy consumption and emitting virtually zero volatile organic compounds, printing on this press retains your and our commitment to less waste and the lightest possible environmental footprint.

How does UV printing work?

When UV ink is wet, the molecules float around freely, but once exposed to UV light, these molecules are bonded together to form a cured or polymerized film.  In addition to providing a surface that resists scuffing, fading and scratching, it ensures smoother solids, absolute dot definition and a new standard for high contrast.

Samples and Tours

To fully comprehend the many benefits of our new press, contact us anytime to see samples of our latest live work, or take a tour of our plant to see the equipment in real-time action.
For more information please email: contact@hemlock.com