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Digital Photography

Hemlock’s digital photography studio is equipped with an 8,000x10,600 pixel scan back camera and complemented with a full array of studio lights, enabling the necessary output for precise, even lighting of large pieces of art work. The high-resolution, digital image captures enables Hemlock to reproduce art work to any size without pixel interpolation and with maximum rendering capabilities to integrate shadow and highlight detail.

We can also offer photographic services for 3D captures of products. If you plan to print a product catalogue with Hemlock, you may want to take advantage of using our services from inception of the project to the finished, bound book. It is a closed-loop process that comes with a fully colour managed workflow. No un-calibrated, third party proofs, no guessing of how your products will look on the printed pages!
Equipment List

Equipment List

Looking for more detail about our equipment? Take a look at our complete list.