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It happened in John’s office at the old building.

Cliff McKewan and John were talking and I happened to walk in the office and asked John if Cliff was giving him a bad time. John said he was, so I said back to John, “I think we should cut his tie and teach him some manners.” John thought that was a good idea and gave me the scissors and I cut his tie. John was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. I later cut off John’s tie on his birthday. I figured they were planning to cut mine off now. The only time I wear a tie is at the Christmas party so I thought that’s where they were going to try and get me. I cut out a piece of aluminum and put it in my tie, but they snipped it anyways. Then Mark got involved in it and he cut a bunch of ties. After that he started telling Dick he was going to get his tie at the Christmas party. The taunts went on for a few months until the fateful night came. Dick was wearing this HUGE tie with a loud print that Clara had made for him and Mark hacked it off. I think the last guy to get his tie cut was Barrie Hayes, unless Mark has got another victim since.

Written by Jack Corbeil