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Hemlock’s Green-e Connection


Hemlock is the only printer in Canada able to offer Green-e approved papers.

One of the many sustainable options available to you, our customers, is the opportunity to use Green-e approved papers. We are the only printer in Canada able to do so, and the great news is that the stock offering is quite broad and includes our very own Coronado SST100 stock.

Green-e paper certification can be applied only to substrates that are manufactured at mills which use 100% certified renewable energy, including electricity created by wind, solar, biomass or run-of-river sources.

As an added benefit, Hemlock’s own electricity use is now certified under the same program, so you can be assured you are making the most environmentally responsible choice available.

Showcase Your Papers Environmental Certifications

Selecting Green-e stocks makes clear your commitment to sustainable choices, and also provides you with the opportunity to communicate that standard to your audience through the use of the Green-e logo. We can supply a prebuilt logo specific to the paper used on your project which states your use of paper manufactured and printed using 100% Certified Renewable Electricity.
And consider augmenting your choice with Hemlock’s ZERO Carbon Neutral program to mitigate the carbon footprint of your job, and support initiatives like the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project.

Green-e Certified Paper

For a full list of stock availability, please visit www.green-e.org/reprint or contact your Hemlock Sales Representative.

Mohawk Fine Papers:  Superfine, Via, Options, Opaque, Navajo, Loop, Kromekote

Neenah Papers:  Coronado, Classic Crest, Eames, Environment, Starwhite

Sappi Fine Papers: McCoy, Flo, Opus

New Leaf:  Reincarnation, Sakura

Monadnock Paper Mills:  Astrolite, Astrolite PC100