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Sustainability Committee

Hemlock has a long-standing history of sustainable practices led by President & CEO Dick Kouwenhoven and supported by its dedicated employees. We are committed to producing the highest quality printing with the least social and environmental impact. Hemlock has been at the forefront of this work since the early 1970s.

In 2004, the company created a Sustainability Committee to increase the momentum of improvements to environmental performance and to boost the introduction of sustainable business practices. The committee consists of 14 dedicated staff members and is chaired by Richard Kouwenhoven, Vice President of Client Services.

The Sustainability Committee's Role

  • To identify our strengths and weaknesses as a sustainable organization by working with staff, suppliers, customers and 3rd party organizations.
  • To identify our long-term goals, outline the path the company will take to achieve these goals, and track our progress.
  • To identify and facilitate the implementation of business practices that support sustainability in a resource-dependent industry.

The Sustainability Committee's Methodology

The committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss current and future initiatives. The committee works together as a whole to brainstorm then divides into smaller work groups to address specific tasks. Larger strategic initiatives are presented to Hemlock’s Leadership Team for action. Our first priority is to address our environmental performance, as this is the area where we see the greatest potential for improvements within the shortest amount of time.