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Social Responsiblity

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hemlock is a member of Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) in the US and the Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR), two organizations that educate businesses on how they can reduce negative social and environmental impacts. We are actively involved with both as members and sponsors.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Vision Statement
Hemlock Printers Ltd. will be an industry leader on a global scale in the CSR movement through the practice of sustainable and socially responsible business practices that minimize our impact on the environment. We are working to provide an inspiring and equitable workplace for all stakeholders, while becoming a resource and advocate for a better world. We are committed to sustainability.

Our CSR Guiding Principles

  • Bring social benefits to the community through employment, volunteerism and financial support of non-profit organizations.
  • Treat all employees with respect and dignity by offering a healthy and safe work environment, regular and open channels of communication, and equitable compensation.
  • Be fair, honest and forthright in our business practices with customers and suppliers.
  • Research the availability and encourage the use of sustainable materials in all areas of the production process.
  • Consider the impact all decisions have on the health of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Hemlock’s CSR Commitment

Hemlock is committed to achieving the highest levels of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Since our company’s beginning in 1968, we have implemented numerous initiatives to reduce our environmental impact; we are proud of our healthy, vibrant company culture and our support for a number of local charities. The CSR movement has challenged us to take our concept of responsible corporate citizenship to new heights and we are committed to our success. We feel our success is tied to the health and happiness of future generations in our local communities and the global community at large.